Why you must travel to Croatia this spring

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You will discover why this country is known as a famous gourmet temple.


If you visit the east of Croatia from 24th till 28th April to try the irresistible menus in restaurants for promotional prices. Slavonia and Srijem have always been known for their good food. Every meal is prepared with lots of love and therefore it`s outstandingly delicious and exceptional. Spring is the right time to get yourself known with the excellence of their food, especially if you visit Vukovar and Srijem County from 24th till 28th April. A gastronomy & enology event „The

Tastes of Spring" is being held at that time, and the restaurants are offering special menus with promotional prices to the true gastronomy lovers. The price of a cold appetizer, main course and dessert will cost only 55 HRK, and if you choose to have an aperitif and soup before the meal, the whole menu will cost you 85 HRK.


„After last year`s very successful event „Autumn Days“ we decided to present a spring gourmet experience of Slavonija and Srijem. Therefore, within the project of authentic gastronomy promotion, Vukovar and Srijem County Tourist Board is organizing another open door week wich involves seven restaurants: Admiral and Hotel Villa Lenije from Vinkovci, Gondola from Sotin, Acin salas from Tordinci, Aquarius from Bosnjaci, Ilocki podrumi and hotel Dunav from Ilok“, pointed out Rujana Busic Srpak, the head of Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board.

To visit east of Croatia and not to taste cured meat delicacies – kulen, kulenova seka and sausages – is almost like a sin. You can also enjoy cheese with cream, perch and carp, sarma, finest chicken, beef and pork… You may also find appealing meals cooked in a kettle in a traditional way with homemade paprika, like fis paprikaš (pronounced: fish paprikash) or čobanac (pronounce: chobanac). You won`t be able to resist pancakes from Slavonia and Srijem, tačci (pronounce: tachsi), poppy seed roll, wallnut roll, walnut masnica, apple pie… We could endlessly list the food that is offered, but there is one important thing to know - there can`t be a meal without fragrant sljivovica (plum brandy) to start with and fine well-known wines from vineyards of Srijem to end it with.




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