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Hostels are the great choice to stay overnight. Or two, three...

The cheap prices, free wi-fi, kitchen to cook your own meals in and the chance to meet other travelers... 

My first sleeping in the hostel was a very special experience, but today, I am a kind of veteran. Hostels are my first choice to check in, and after hundreds of chek-ins and check-outs, I am begging all travelers not to do this...

1. Don`t speak loud
Backpackers arrive at all hours of the day and night and the last thing they want to hear after an exhausting flight or whole day exploring the city is listening someone talking on the phone or each other like they are on the hills yelling to each other. Mute or put your phone on vibration. For wake up alarm,  use THIS

2. Don`t open a window without asking

It is cold outside or maybe I am so exhausted that I really need some time in warm dorm and bed. Be a friend, dude, and ask others if they mind before opening a window.

3. Don`t pack late in the night
If you know, and you do for sure, that you have an early morning flight, do not wait for the last seconds to pack. Some of the people in the room want to catch some rest and sleep. Pack your backpacking during the day while the room is empty or everybody are awake and leave just a few personal things out like toothpaste or something that you can pack easily on your way out.

4. Don`t eat smelly food  
That`s not polite after all. And some travelers might be irritated by smelly food.

5. Don`t use another person’s bed as a place to store your things.
Don`t you have any place on your`s? Do you want someone`s other things from who knows where to be putting on your bed?

6. Do not leave garbage
Yes, unbeliveble, but this is something we must say. Clean up after yourself. Really!

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