Tasty burgers in gastro oasis in Zagreb

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Meat district, Zagreb Meat district, Zagreb

Home Burger, which is part of the standard offer: soft buns, freshly grated pieces of meat, homemade sauce, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, egg on the eye, crunchy bun.



Meat. At its best, most recent, most sophisticated, and most wonderful form.

Hand-milled, cut or drawn. Certified, exclusively domestic origin.

This is the essence of almost every meal you eat in Meat District in heart of the city of Zagreb, Croatia, with reasonable prices.

We were been there at grand opening, had a great evening eating great, tasty food. 
The menu includes both imaginative and creative delicious dishes made from fish and vegetables, made from the highest quality seasonal foods including tasty and light desserts. 

Great place which is on our gastro list for a comeback. 


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