Speedway European Championship CHALLENGE

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Stadium Milenium gathers motorcycle and adrenaline lovers on May 20

Speedway is a specific motorsport class, which sees riders competing on 500 ccm, methanol powered motorcycles with no gearboxes, with only a clutch lever and a throttle twist-grip, competing on shale, oval shaped circuits. The Milenium Stadium is found in the heart of the Medimurje County, in Northern Croatia, and is the only place where you can see this adrenalin packed motorsport in Croatia. This year it is hosting the world and European championships for the 12th year in a row!

Speedway Europsko Prvenstvo - Challenge 2

The race: “Speedway European Championship CHALLENGE”, as the word says, it quite a challenge for 18 riders from 10 countries who compete for top seven places. Those top seven spots will see riders qualify for the SEC Finals; a championship of four rounds held in Germany, Poland and Sweden. It is all happening on Saturday, May 20th at 7 pm.

Croatian star, 27 year old Jurica Pavlic, who already holds a 2007 European champion title in his pocket, as well as Runner-up in U21 World championship, is very well known to Croatian speedway fans. He will have fierce competition in this meeting, there will be polish representatives Przemyslaw Pawlicki, Adrian Miedzinski, Kacper Gomolski and Mateusz Szczepaniak, Danish riders Mikkel Bech and Nicolai Klindt, Finnish Timo Lahti, Russian Andriej Kudriaszow, Latwian representative Andrzej Lebediew, German Martin Smolinski, French rider David Bellego and Ukraine rider Andriej Karpov.

Speedway Europsko Prvenstvo - Challenge 3

Jurica Pavlic has covered many laps on this track built by his father, ex-Yugoslavian speedway champion Zvonko Pavlic, but it is not all so easy: “Races on home turf can be an advantage, but also a heavy burden. Bearing in mind that I know every centimeter of this track, I expect, but also it is expected from me to ride this race easily. But nobody considers that there are 15 top riders next to me, with the same goal and each of them is capable of winning. I will give my best, I am very motivated and I believe that the crowd will enjoy excellent speedway!” – says Jurica Pavlic.

Races start at 7 pm, official practice is at 2 pm. Tickets will be sold at the stadium during the whole day, priced at 60 and 80 croatian kuna. The stadium will be open for the spectators at 5 pm.


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