How to save money? - Part 1

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Backpacking is a way of life. Doing it on a budget is always an adventure and it helps saving some cash for the next trip. With this one, we are starting a series of "Do-s and Don’t-s" articles that should really help you with budgeting and using the money for the right purpose.

So, let’s get started with a few random advices.



1. Check out our site for some general backpackers information about a destination you`ve picked to go to. Every great trip starts with collecting useful information. Check the prices of accommodation, transportation, food... These information can save you a lot. You will find out where to sleep, eat or have fun cheaper. Also, which attractions you have to see and which of them are free (and when).

2. You have found some cheap flights, or bus, train or boat tickets. Now it’s time to pack. If you find yourself missing some items from your packing list, be sure to check the prices at your destination for those. If they come out cheaper, it’s a win-win for you. You’ll save some cash and you won’t have to carry the extra weight until necessary. Also, think about the destination and the surroundings before going shopping. If you are in a cold winter time at your home but traveling to tropical destination for instance, chances are that sunscreen or bug repellent will be cheaper and more easily obtainable there.

 bottle13. You will drink bottled water on your trip (You knew you should always do it, right?). Always buy a bigger bottle of water. It will usually be the same price or just a bit more expensive than the small one. We know, it is easier to carry small bottles around. That`s why you should get a travel bottle which can be as small as a box of cigarettes when empty. Fill it up and leave the rest in the hostel room. These travel bottles often have karabiners on them so you can easily hook them to your backpack. You can buy them on eBay with starting prices as low as 0.99$. A little investment but huge saving! Of course, using an empty 0.5L bottle will serve the same purpose.

 4. Similar to the one before, big packages of products are always cheaper and refillable packages are widely available.  Even with stuff like perfumes… You can buy refillable 5 or 10ml spray bottles instead of lugging the deluxe bottle around.

5. Planning a weekend getaway? Bring your own food. At least for the first day. Unless the food is cheaper at the destination of course. So, do your homework or just contact us. We will provide you with some useful information.

6. Roll your clothes when packing. You will save more space and bring more clothes so you don`t have to shop for it on a trip or wash them too often. If you WANT go shopping, that’s another story.

wifi7. Do not use your cell phone in roaming. Communicate with others online. If you can`t find a cheap internet café, and your hostel doesn`t offer free Wi-Fi (Always go for a hostel with Wi-Fi), go to McDonald`s. They have free Wi-Fi in most of their restaurants.

8. Talk to hostel or restaurant staff. They might need some help which could score you a free meal or bed. Who knows, you might just walk away with some extra cash in your pocket.

Ok backpackers, let’s wrap it up for this time. The next article in the series will be here soon.


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