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Recent studies have shown that a backpack that is too heavy or carried the wrong way counts for one of the most common reasons for back pains with both adults and children.
Backpacks are over-stuffed, often with unnecessary objects, carried over just one shoulder, etc.

Surveys showed that an average weight of a backpack carried by a male child is proportional to a 17,5 kg backpack carried by an adult male. So, the data stating that 60% of children carrying such a backpack are experiencing back pain is not surprising at all.

Here are some recommendations regarding a child backpack:

- A child should not be carrying a backpack that exceeds a total of 10% of its body weight. Otherwise, children tend to lean forward to carry the extra weight, thus transferring the tension from muscles to its spine
- Adjust the length of shoulder straps so the backpack doesn't hang too low because the child will lean forward
- Keep big or pointy objects away from child’s back
- When you're buying a backpack, don't buy too big. It will encourage children to put more that they can carry in it.
- When buying a backpack, look for ones with wide and padded shoulder straps
- Adjust the width of shoulder straps so the backpack doesn't move on the back too much, causing pains and spine deformations
- It is recommended not to buy bags with wheels for children unless it is necessary. A child can not manoevre them as it should so there is a risk of falling and injury
- If a child complains about the back pain, consult with a doctor or a chiropractor

Source: The Lancaster Chiropractor

One last remark: even though this article was written considering school bags (and it is good to keep it in mind in that manner), advices mentioned can surely be applied to traveling purposes. Children have the need to do as parents do, so if a parent carries a backpack, it is probable that you will have to give one to the child too. So when buying, buy wit thought about the above mentioned. Pick one of the appropriate size, put a few light pieces of clothing in it, along with child’s water bottle and a sandwich and observe how happy he is contributing the travel experience.



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