How to Make a Living While Traveling

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Street Musician in Florence Street Musician in Florence By Rudolph.A.furtado (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Many legitimate ways to make a living while traveling (especially while backpacking) are available to those who want a career on the go.

1. How many times did you see someone traveling with a guitar? If you ask me, I wouldn`t be so 'brave' to carry it around with all other stuff I usually put in my backpack. Not because I am women, but because I don`t like to carry too much around. Unlike a lot of other female travelers, i don't lug my hair dryer in my backpack :)

But if you are really good playing a guitar, put it on your 'must have' list before you buy a bus/train/air ticket.

With a guitar you can earn some money. You can play on the streets, make an arrangement with some hostel for a live stand for Saturday night in their lobby or caffe. If you are traveling to an exotic destination and plan on staying at the beach somewhere, other tourists will probably award you with a few bucks for entertaining them. Just have a hat ready.


2. Find a seasonal job

WaiterWhen you have a time table and a destination of your next travel, start looking for some seasonal jobs. You can easily find a job at receptions in hostels or trade work for staying. Restaurants and caffes can also be places for money making on your trip.





 3. Writing/Blogging and photography

If you have love, will and skills for writing and photography, you can probably cash it. You can send your stories to us (BPP) and we will be happy to publish them, as well as photos from just about anywhere you are. Put some valuable advices for travelers too :)


4. Buy and sell
Our first backpacking trip was to Thailand. We were very happy when we found a great night market with awesome (read: cheap) prices, but unfortunately, we haven`t bought enough items to sell. Next time we will be prepared. You can easily buy some good, cheap items and sell on eBay or other auction sites.


All in all, it is important to say that you probably won't get rich (well some may, but that is more of an exception than a rule), but you might just earn enough to fatten your budget a bit (or finance the whole trip with a bit of luck).


Any other advices on this topic? Share yours with us... You can use the comments below.

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