Electricity and Power Plug Types

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Voltages and Frequency arround the world Voltages and Frequency arround the world from Wikimedia

No matter if you are a backpacker or another type of traveler, there is almost a 100% chance you are carrying something with you that needs electrical power. From mobile phones to laptops and hairdryers, eventually you will be scanning the walls around you to find a power plug. So, it is very good to know what kind of a plug and at what voltage you will be hooking your device to.

This article and the accompanying maps will help you check if you need to go shopping for a universal charger before you go (and if you are going overseas, chances are you will have to).


On the first map, we can see how the voltages and frequencies throughout the world are divided. That is your base criteria to know if your device/charger will work at the country of destination or will you need a transformer of some kind.

WorldMap of Voltage and Frequency

If the voltage and currency agree with the ones printed on the charger of your device, you will just have to check if the power plug type is different than the original one. If so, just purchase the adapter to be able to plug it into the different socket.


Here is the map of the world showing what types of power plugs countries use.

WorldMap Plug Types


And here is the diagram of different power plugs.

Power Plug Types


The alternative to all mentioned is to carry a nice solar charger for your devices. That is really up to you. Consider the prices, the ability to charge your devices at a satisfying pace and decide.

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