Band-it 3.0 - The new thin wallet is coming

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Band-It 3.0 wallet Band-It 3.0 wallet by Magpoc Design

From the looks of it, you wouldn't think that it could fit more than a credit card in it, but the team from Magpoc Designs has proven us wrong two times before.

Band-It 1.0 fitted 10+ cards and cash in it. People loved it, but some of them wanted vertical loading for business cards. Magpoc responded with Band-it 2.0. The same capacity, same design, more possibilities.

Now it's time for 3.0... Perfected, polished, hard to say but even better. Still holds 1 card as firmly as 10+ and folded cash, they have added a stealth pocket for coins and keys, more elastic colors and a new hemp version. It just looks too sleek to miss in this minimalistic age.

Band-It 3.0 minimalistic wallet


Head over to their Kickstarter project page, as a supporter you can grab one for as low as $15. We already put dibs on a red/black one.

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