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With the time we live in, every traveler (so obviously, backpackers included) suffers from a problem other than painful back lugging the big pile of luggage: lack of battery power. Let’s face it, no matter how “on budget” you are, there is always something in your bag that doesn’t have enough juice to keep you up and running for as long as you want. Be it a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, camera or notebook, you will soon find yourself scanning your surroundings for an available outlet.


Well, here is a solution to your problems… Meet Chargegenie!

This is not a professional review; we will not overwhelm you with endless amount of technical data (besides the necessary off course). This is a practical overview showing you how this little device can help you while backpacking.

First, let’s look at the box… On the outside you can see the picture of the device along with a few most important technical details stating the battery capacity and basic usage of the device itself, as well as model number. Under the magnetic cover (a nice touch we have to say) the box lists almost everything you need to know about it: what you can charge, how the device is constructed and more extended technical details. Now some pics...

Energenie Chargegenie 50 boxEnergenie Chargegenie 50 opened boxEnergenie Chargegenie 50 box details


Time for unboxing... After pulling the plastic blister-like package out of the cardboard you can see the size of the battery pack which is extremely acceptable given the stated capacity of 5.000 mAh. The exact dimension are 118x68x15 mm. This version of the Chargegenie is white (the manufacturer offers a black version too), protected with sticky foil on both sides.
Other than the battery, in the box you will find a short user guide, white micro-USB cable and a nice protective bag for the whole lot.

Energenie Chargegenie 50 outside the boxEnergenie Chargegenie 50 contentsEnergenie Chargegenie 50


Now, for the most important part of the whole package, the battery pack itself. On the top side you can see a total of 7 LEDs. First 3 green (C1, C2, C3) are there to show you in which mode the battery pack is charging your device, where other 4 (1, 2, 3, 4) are glowing blue indicating the remaining level of power. Upper edge contains a microUSB port (for charging the device), a power button and a standard USB port (for charging your gadgets). Underside has four rubber feed ensuring the device won’t slide over your desk while in use (and will keep it’s glossy body scratch free).

Energenie Chargegenie 50Energenie Chargegenie 50 LEDEnergenie Chargegenie 50 portsEnergenie Chargegenie 50 bottom


A few technicalities:

Battery capacity – 5.000 mAh, 3.7V, 18.5 Wh
Input – 5V, 0.9A
C1 LED – 5V 1A max output
C2 LED – 5V 2.1A max output
C3 LED – 9V 0.6A max output

Briefly pressing the button while nothing is connected to the Chargegenie shows you the battery level with blue lights. Do it before going out to be sure you are packing enough juice for your trip.
Pressing the button while your gadget is connected starts the charging. Pressing it repeatedly selects the output mode (the device packs the protection circuit so you can’t damage your gadgets by selecting the wrong output or over-charge it. Yaaay!). The green LED will remain illuminated as charging progresses while the blue one will power on for 10 seconds after pressing the button again. When the mobile device is fully charged, it terminates automatically, saving the remaining energy for another cycle.


We charged the devices we had handy: Samsung S3 (we own it) and Nexus 7 2013 tablet (we borrowed it). Sponsors, wink, wink?

The results:

Samsung Galaxy S3 with 2100 mAh battery took 2:05 hours to charge. That’s a nice time. Also, we managed to charge it TWICE “zero to hero” plus another 8% until the Chargegenie died. So, two full charges! Not bad at all.

Next, Nexus 7 tablet with 3950 mAh battery - 3:10 hours for a full charge. We were not able to do 2 cycles (off course) but this is more than enough, leaving the battery pack with another 15-20% to spare.

The charging of the device itself via the Samsung’s wall charger took approx. 5,5 hours. It may take a bit more if you do it over a computer’s USB port or car charger (yes, all possible), so do it the night before the trip and you’re golden.

Energenie Chargegenie 50


Let’s wrap things up here.

If you are backpacking, well, anywhere, this little gem will be your best friend. Gadgets are having bigger and bigger screens, powerful hardware and a heavy usage so having an extra 5.000 mAh (at only 145g of weight) in your pocket can only be good for you. You can charge your phone, tablet, GPS, camera, mp3 player and basically anything that charges through a USB port. And it all comes in a sleek glossy package.

This all is available at Energenie official website at the price of only £34.99, including VAT and delivery. We hereby thank them for providing us with this great piece of hardware :)


All in all, definitely recommended by BackpackersPost!


Og yes, and we are GIVING ONE AWAY!!!

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