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One of the worst things that could happen to you while backpacking is losing your bag. After all, as a backpacker, everything you plan on using is carefully fitted in that backpack. So whenever something is invented or created that could help in prevention of that event, we are more than happy to check out what the product has to offer.

Tag-a-bag is a little "device" that utilizes other traveler's good will to help a fellow traveler in trouble. It is basically a plastic card with a QR code on it and an NFC chip in it (hence "device"). This is how it looks like...



How does it work?
First of all, a bit of technicalities. As mentioned, it is a plastic card with a hole for a silicone strip (included) that can be strapped to any bag you want. The QR code on it as well as the NFC chip are hardcoded to the serial number on the card and if you happen to lose your backpack, it will be the only way of connecting it to you. The identification of the bag is done through a smartphone app while informing the owner of finding the lost property is done via the manufacturer’s website.


Ok, you bought it, now what?

First thing you have to do is download the free smartphone app. You can find the links to the Appstores at the bottom of this article. After downloading, you fill out the basic info about yourself (nickname, e-mail address and a password) to create an account. That's it, now you can start adding your tags and bags. The app basically guides you through the entire process and is pretty intuitive. After adding the tag to your inventory (via NFC or barcode) you can assign a bag to it selecting a bag color for easier personal identification, naming it with something recognizable and adding a message to the potential finder (this is the place where you can add your contact details and maybe mention a reward to the finder or similar). You can even take a photo of the bag so the finder can be 100% sure it is the one under the Tag. That's it, all done. Now you are ready to lose your bag :)

tag-a-bag apptag-a-bag apptag-a-bab apptag-a-bag app


The worst scenario; you've lost a bag
To be clear here, there is nothing you can personally do after losing a bag, even with Tag-a-bag. You can just wait and hope that someone will stumble upon it and contact you. But, if that someone emerges, all he/she has to do is scan a Tag with a smartphone and it will automatically open the web site where he/she can read the info you entered via mobile app and send you a message about finding your bag. After that it is all about exchanging contact details between you two. Simple as that.

Bag FoundBag Found


All in all, there is no real protection or prevention against losing your luggage, but given that all your travel belongings are in there, using one additional mean of "insurance" like this, and as simple as this, can only help you. And, as an added bonus, you probably get to meet a nice person that helped you, have a cup of coffee and gain a new friend with whom you can share travel experiences.

Here are the links to the App Stores, and be sure to visit the official Tag-a-bag web shop to pick up your own tags.

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