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There seldom comes a time when we are so amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of a gadget from the backpacker's perspective. The ZBand, a vibrating alarm bracelet is one of those things.

It is really as simple and ingenious as it sounds; a comfortable and lightweight bracelet that vibrates to wake you up. And the mentioned "backpacker's perspective"? Well, we often find ourselves sleeping in dorms with multiple beds with roommates that very often don't have a plan on waking up at the time we have our wake clock set. And having something that will get you up and running without waking up the entire dorm (or even a hostel, if you are a heavy sleeper and used to max-out your alarm volume) is really a life saver.

ZBand 001ZBand Package


The build
ZBand is essentially a Bluetooth enabled, rechargeable vibrator packed in a nice and comfortable rubber bracelet. The bracelet is perforated with enough holes to fit nicely on both small and big wrists, and the whole device is lightweight enough not to bother you during sleep.
The vibrating part can easily be removed from the bracelet for charging purposes, using a standard microUSB connector, and by manufacturer's specification, it should hold up to approx. 10 days on a single full charge. Finally, the vibrating cube features a single button which lights in various colors, depending whether it is charging, Bluetooth pairing, vibrating, etc.



Setting it up
ZBand utilizes Bluetooth connection to set it up. There are free Windows 8 Smartphone or Tablet apps, Android App and Windows desktop app available to download and pair with the ZBand and set up the alarm(s). After the pairing, the apps pretty much function as regular alarm apps. You can set up multiple alarms, set the snooze duration and vibration intensity. After saving the alarm, the ZBand disconnects automatically after the period of 90 seconds and it is good to go. Everything mentioned is written plain and simple on the usage instructions leaflet included in the box.

ZBand AppZBand AppZBand AppZBand App


It's on your wrist
All set up, the ZBand will start vibrating when the alarm time is reached (obviously). Single press on the Z button puts it to snooze where the 3-second press turns it off. And that’s about it. Simple, discrete, effective. And we just LOVE it.

The ZBand can also be utilized as a reminder while backpacking, if you want to preserve your smartphone battery. Also, it is a perfect and affordable companion to fellow travelers with hearing disabilities.


Finally, it is important to mention that the Manufacturer ships the ZBand worldwide free of charge. So, $59.99 and it arrives to your door, wherever you are. Check out the official web site.


Oh yes, do you own it already? Comment below, share your thoughts with us.


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