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PacSafe proSafe 750 padlock PacSafe proSafe 750 padlock copyright by BackpackersPost

Luggage security is always an important issue with backpackers, and minimizing the chance of losing their belongings is a goal they eagerly strive to. Having a good padlock with a few extra perks is a nice step towards that goal.

Thanks to PacSafe, we got our hands on their ProSafe 750, a TSA accepted key-card padlock. Quite a long product name, right?

Let’s break it down a bit.
Padlock - this is pretty straight forward, it's the type of the product :)
Key-card - This little padlock opens with a keycard rather than a key or a number combination
TSA accepted - Means that you don't have to remove it for bag inspection at the airport; the TSA (or HSRC in UK) employees can open and close it back

What is TSA?
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that exercises authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States. Other than TSA, the TSA Accepted padlock can be opened and re-locked by HSRC luggage inspectors in UK.


The construction

The lock is all metal (Zinc alloy). No plastic parts, nothing squeaky or flimsy whatsoever which gives you an extra level of security about the sturdiness of the product. To be honest, there is no lock that will prevent a thief opening your bag when he as the time, but this lock prevents pickpockets and other thieves wanting to do bad things quickly. The lock is painted with nice matte black color with a PacSafe logo and a TSA code under the key hole.PacSafe proSafe 750 padlockPacSafe proSafe 750 padlockPacSafe proSafe 750 padlock


About the key-card

This type of unlocking is really a convenient one because you can put your "key" away in your wallet along with your credit cards. Not a lot of backpackers carry keys around with them, and having one extra number code to remember is getting harder and harder in this digital age. So having a card you just push into the padlock to open it is just great.

The opening mechanism is a combination of 4 different holes punched through the plastic card. The identical combination is punched through on the opposite edge of the card, so if you manage to damage the first ones, just rotate the card and you are good to go. Also, in the package you will get one extra card you can leave at home or give to your co-traveler in case you lose yours.

PacSafe proSafe 750 padlock

PacSafe proSafe 750 padlock


Final thoughts

If it wasn't clear form the above, we just love it. It is practical, secure and discrete. The first real backpacking usage from our side will be very soon (but we hope we won't get the chance to know how sturdy it really is:) )


You can purchase this piece of luggage security at the PacSafe official web store for very affordable $15.


Are you using this, or any other padlock to secure your luggage? How satisfied are you with it? Comment below...


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