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Most travelers, or those who want to be, have many destinations they want to visit during a life time. To make that cheaper, and more important - easier, there are some information you need to know.

Where to start?

It is not rare that backpackers choose their destination depending on some airlines super flight offer. During the year there are thousands of flight offers to choose and plan a trip around the world. True backpackers will follow offers and react fast when they find something really good.

We have to mention that cheap flight is NOT an unsafe flight like most of the “non budget” travelers assume. Low prices of flights are usually based on cost cutting on baggage and food and beverages offers during the flight. Most low cost airlines will charge you for a non cabin baggage and a desired seat and some of them will charge you extra for a meal during the flight. But even so, those low cost airlines are the first choice for backpackers because savings can be measured in hundreds of dollars which can be used later for activities on the trips, better accommodation, shopping, etc...

ryanairIf you have flexible traveling dates, finding a great offer will be much easier because there can be a huge price drop of the flight in just a day or two. It is smart to plan a trip in advance so there is more time left for searching and finding a great fare. Many countries have a low cost airline or at least a few low cost flights. If you are traveling, for example, to Germany, check Germanwings airline and discover where they are flying to and from so you can combine flights and save some. Ryanair is Europe’s only ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC), operating with more than 1,600 daily flights (over 500,000 per year) from 57 bases, across 1,600 low fare routes, connecting 180 destinations in 29 countries and operating a fleet of 303 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. So, if you are traveling across or to Europe, check Ryanair`s offers. 



Searching for flight offers is not a waste of time

ticketsAirline ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week, time of year, and upcoming holidays. If you choose dates in non-high season time, before or after major holidays, you can catch some great deals. Also, it is always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend. Early morning or late night flights are also cheaper because regular travelers mostly choose a flight in a middle of the day. Check the deals a few days around of your desired travel dates to score a cheaper flight.

Flights offers you can check on some flight searching online websites, like edreams, kayak, skyscanner, momondo, expedia, opodo, farecompare, mobissimo, vayama, etc., but some of them will not show cheaper offers which you can find only directly on the airline official web site. So, do your homework and take some time to explore. It is not a waste of time; it’s a money saver and a part of trip planning which will pitch your adrenalin lever higher.


airplaneTravel from or to secondary airports
It’s smart to try to explore flights outgoing from some smaller airports in or near your town or near a destination town. Usually you can find a lower fare if you do so and you can save more money. It will “cost” you extra time to come to the airport but that can be a good way to explore one more arriving destination. Airports charge landing fees, and smaller airports charge smaller fees, which helps keep prices down for you.

But be sure to check out how far the airports are from the city center. Sometimes transportation from the airport to the city can actually make a budget airline more expensive.However, in general, low cost airlines are a great deal.

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