Backpacker on a Cruise ship?

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Cruiser Cruiser By James Willamor (Own Work), via Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

While not really being in the "Backpackers way" sense, just for the sake of covering all of the traveling ideas, we will mention Cruise Ships, specifically, PROS and CONS of it.

In the early days, these cruises were intended for the deeper pocket travelers, but since the prices are getting lower each year, picking a Cruiser to see a handful of remote locations could be one of the ways you should consider. Probably not if you are a real backpacker, but nevertheless.

Let's see why you "should" and why you "should not"...



Cruiser port timeValue for the money - cruises are package priced. With the ticket, you get accommodation, food, entertainment, room service and a bunch of extras. This does not include gambling or souvenirs on the land though.
Food - the gourmet you have at your hands is mostly superior to the food you get to eat while on land (especially because land travelers often eat on the street)
Unpacking - You get to do it only once, when you board the ship. You don't need to do it in every hotel/hostel you check into like when land traveling
Socialization - this is really a great way to meet and socialize with a lot of new friends
Relaxation - you don't have to think about the itinerary, where will you sleep, what you will eat or will your back hurt from tugging that big backpack. You lie on your beach chair, sip a cocktail and enjoy the view. And if your back still hurts, get a price-included massage



Khaosan Road in BangkokLess exploration time - a true backpacker wants to see and experience a lot more than a usual port time has to offer (which is usually 10-12 hours)
Fewer destination options - you are limited to the port you are in. If very adventurous, you can take a cab to drive you somewhere else, but it is easy to lose a track of time to come back. And the cruiser has its time table, and it won't wait for you if you are late
The food - you probably won't have a chance to try a local cuisine. That is a big part of the backpackers way of traveling
Sea Sickness or Motion Sickness - We don’t have to explain this, you get the gist
Money - being a backpacker, you probably can do a lot more with the amount you spilled out for a Cruise
People around you - if you book a cruise in the middle of a holiday season, you might find yourselves surrounded by people much older or much younger than yourself. If you don't like children screaming around you, or pensioners learning how to Salsa, you should probably pick something else.


The choice is really yours, right?


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We like to say that you should try everything in your life once. Would this be one of those things?

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I will try anything once I guess
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