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Motion Sickness Motion Sickness By phunkstarr (Own Work), via Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

Motion sickness is related to any kind of movement for those weak-stomached. Whether it is a boat, plane or a car, all those bumps, turns, accelerations and decelerations start tingling your throat and chin muscles making you want to vomit.

But the most of it really comes from boat rides, hence the acronym "sea sickness".

Let us check out a few ways to make your life easier when the waves are even a tad above minimum.


Sailboat HorizonLook at the horizon - pointing your eyes at something stable in the distance usually helps your body to fight nausea

Do not read - eye movements to something close (a book, magazine, cell phone or a tablet) combined with movements of the body due to transportation will make it worse

Eat something - a few hours before a boat ride you should eat something light. Empty stomach is a weak stomach

No alcohol - You know how it effects your body, so it is a big no-no regarding the motion sickness

Ginger rootEat or drink ginger - it has been proven that ginger helps fighting off nausea, so some ginger tea or tablets are a good idea

Motion sickness pills - just read the suggested time of taking them before a trip and do as instructed

Breathe - In through the nose, out through your mouth

Get some air - While on the boat, get a nice spot on the deck, breathe the fresh air and apply the "horizon" rule mentioned above

Relax - close your eyes (sleep if you can) and try to clear as much of your senses as you can. If a brain has a big soup of data to process (ears, eyes, nose…) and the body has a disturbed stomach to cope with, it will probably end badly.


At the end, it will pass. The boat ride will be over and you have your whole holiday in front of you. Worth a little effort, right?


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Do you have to fight motion sickness?

Yes, I have it bad
Sometimes, when it's really rough out there
No, my stomach is as strong as it gets

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