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Train Train By Alan Cleaver (Own work), via Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

If there is one mean of transport that backpacking or budget travelers love, it's the train. There is just something romantic in that rhythmic clickety-clack that drags people into them over and over again.

To try to explain why the train is so beloved, we will give just a few common reasons.

Locations of departure and arrival
Main city train stations tend to be right downtown. The minute you step outside of the train, you're there. No extra costs for taxis from the airports, no painful legs and back from tugging your gear to the city centre. You're right in the middle of it.

Leg Room
Unless it's some sort of a small city train, there is more than enough room for even the tallest of travelers. Compared to airplanes, cars and busses, sitting in a train makes you feel first-class instantly. Leg-room-wise, off course.

Unrestricted Tech
If you have flown before, you know the drill regarding cell phones, laptops and other gear emitting electromagnetic and radio waves. No such rules in trains: you can be online and powered up every second of the way. Only if your batteries can handle it.

Dining CartScenery
Yes, all those clouds and mountain tops seen from the airplane are spectacular. But the variety of scenery, flora and fauna, cities and villages, people, it is all in favor of the railway. Basically, any train trip you take, you will enjoy looking out the window.

No physicals
There are no metal detectors, x-ray scanners, weird feels and touches searching for forbidden objects on train stations. No restrictions on bag sizes or bottle capacities also.

Private Cabins
If you can afford it, on almost every train you can pay for a private cabin. They usually include beds, chairs and tables, even toilets. And they are lockable from the inside.

More Luggage
Unlike airlines, most of the trains give much wider opportunities regarding luggage. Carry on or checked in. And the fees for extra bags are far cheaper than the airplane ones.

Less nausea
With trains, you don’t get motion sickness. You don't have ear pains from taking off or landing. It is just like sitting in your living room.

Trains tend to be increasingly cost-effective alternative to planes, especially if you're going a relatively short distance.

Train over the BridgeStable fares
Whether it's Tuesday or Saturday, January or August, months in advance or days before departure, trains tend to keep relatively stable fares. So if you have, once upon a time read a price of a ticket for some train, chances are it hasn't changed much since then.

Trains tend to offer travelers a great deal of flexibility time-wise. Missed a train to your destination? Just jump on the next one. Unless we are talking about infrequently traveled or long routes, this is available almost always.

As stated in the introduction, there is just something special in riding trains. Maybe it's those dining cars with full-service meals and uniformed wait staff, maybe the sub-conscious connection with the past or the ability to walk in the train, read a book or just look through the window. You should really try it.


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