Great reason to visit Madurai

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Great reason to visit Madurai

One of South India’s great temple towns, Madurai is synonymous with the celebrated Meenakshi Temple.

One of the oldest cities in India and many tourists come here for the celebrated Meenakshi Amman Temple, one of the India's greatest temples. But that`s not the only reason why we are writing this. Jasmine flowers, known as Madurai Malli, are brand of this city and India is famous for jasmine for it' s enchanting fragrance.
Even the perfume factories all over the world who make jasmine perfumes get the fresh jasmine flowers from Madurai because jasmine from any other place don't have this great fragrance. As we heard, Dior prefer indian Jasmine flowers to use in its J'adore line. So, you just need to check this place out, don`t you think? And you can buy all the beauty, hair, body and facial products with origin indian jasmine which contains that special essential oils.

As a tourist, where you need to go?
Madurai Flower Market and Madurai Malligai are the places where you can get the best varieties of jasmine flowers. If you plan to visit Madurai flower market you need to know that is located between the Central Market and the Maatuthavani Bus stand.

But, what to choose?
Seems like, what you need to know abput buying flowers? But, you will be suprised. There are many different varieties of Madurai Malli, like Ramabanam, Ambu Malli, Namma, Iruvatchi, Single Mogra, Kasthuri Malli, Oosi Malli, Ooru Malli, Gundu Malli, Madhanabanam...Each sort have in different size and looks, from round to elliptical, short or medium corolla tubes having three to four whorls of petals.

Prices are per kg and if you are there today, you will pay Rs. 300.00. For everyday prices, check

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