"Weird" Ice Cream City in Tokyo

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Ice Cream City entrance Ice Cream City entrance by Idealisms, via Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

Japan can be a strange place when talking about food. "Special" food, to be more specific. As it was mentioned numerous times, backpackers are always ready to try something new... Different... or in this case, bizarre... Or are they?

Inside the Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, there is a theme park named Namja Town. And in there, there it is... Ice Cream City. You will have to pay a small fee to enter the theme park (300 Yen for the entrance, all the attractions cost extra) but if you're in just for the ice cream, that’s it. Apart from the ice cream prices off course.


Ice Cream flavoursNow, you are in and you are looking at all the flavors. There are regular flavors, sure, but you are not in for all of that available-on-every-corner stuff, right?Let’s check out some of the "Japan" flavors...





- Raw Horse Flesh
- Cow Tongue
- Yakisoba
- Indian Curry
- Salt
- Wasabi
- Garlic
- Octopus
- Snake
- Squid
- Sweet Potato
- Crabs

Ice Cream flavours

Convinced to try something out? Have your sick bag handy?


Check out the map below to find out how to get there, if you happen to be near Ikebukuro station (Namja Town is just a 15 minute walk from the station). Also, you will find their English leaflet useful since everything in the park, written or audio, is in Japanese.

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