7 tips to make trip to Japan memorable

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Every Japan trip is unique in itself, whether you take a short or long Osaka and Kyoto trip.


Every Japan trip is unique in itself, whether you take a short or long Osaka and Kyoto trip. Japan has become one of the most interesting countries in the world. Its unique culture, great food and technological edge has fascinated and inspired the rest of the world. It is the country with over 200 volcanoes, over 6800 islands...And much, much more. If you are planning to visit this amazing country, don`t forget to...

Get stamped at train stations

There are stamping areas from major trains stations like Tokyo station to smaller ones like Asakusa; even the observation deck of the Tokyo Government Metropolitan Building has one right across the entrance/exit elevator.

See Ryokan

Everything is traditional at a Ryokan including the building, garden, rooms, bedding, onsen, food and clothing. It's like traveling in time to experience the charm of old Japan.

Try Kaiseki

Kaiseki are traditional Japanese multi-course meals that are considered fine cuisine. Kaiseki restaurants are the types of places that might offer private rooms with a view of a garden. It's also possible to find budget versions of Kaiseki such as kaiseki bento.

 Don`t miss Harajuku on a Sunday

Harajuku attracts plenty of interesting people on Sunday afternoons. The most interesting characters hang out near the entrance to Yoyogi Park. It's a good place to see Japanese subcultures and street fashions.

Dine at a Temple

Some Japanese temples have restaurants that offer traditional Japanese Buddhist cuisine known as Shojin Ryori. It's vegetarian, austere and bland.

Drive in Shinkansen

Bullet trains are the way to travel in Japan. They are stress free, inexpensive and fast compared with flying or driving. Japan's train system is the most efficient in the world. Shinkansen are rarely delayed.

Cook Your Own Food at a Restaurant

Several types of Japanese restaurant involve cooking your own food. These include okonomiyaki, monjayaki, yakiniku, nabe and shabu-shabu. Cooking food together is considered an entertaining social activity in Japan. 






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