Are you ready for water fights? You better be if you are in Thailand

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Are you ready for water fights? You better be if you are in Thailand Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Songkran 2014

The Songkran Water festival make April one of the most important months in the Thai tourism calendar.

Every year more and more visitors come to be a part of the Water festival. As April being the hottest month, this is also the time of the year when natives play a fun role in the so-called Songkran Festival.

Among the cities of Thailand, Bangkok has the most number of people including foreigners who are also there to join the longest celebration in the country. Street parties, family reunions and friendly water fights are all combined, making Songkran as the grandest and the most colorful event.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is joining Thai people nationwide in marking the most important celebration of the Thai lunar calendar, the New Year Songkran Festival between 5-20 April, with unique activities and festivities that pay tribute to the role of water in Thai culture and society.

Depending on where you are in the country, just prepare yourself for water fights.

Songkran is not just about fun but an event that teaches people about the meaning of faith and respect. In Thailand, there is no doubt natives are the most friendly and respectful. 

Dates and Events

This year, the date of the Maha Songkran or the ‘New Year’ is set for 13 April, when day and night are of equal length. This will be followed by Nao Day (Middle day) on 14 April, and the New Year itself on 15 April.

The Joyous Songkran Splendours, specially organised by the TAT and local organisations from the public and private sector, will take place in the following locations:

- Khao San Road, Bangkok, 13-15 April 2014, 10.00-23.00 hrs.

Silom Road, Bangkok, 13-15 April 2014, 10.00-00.00 hrs.

- Around the City Moat, Chiang Mai, 11-16 April 2014, 09.00-22.00 hrs.

- Pattaya (North, Central and South Beach), Lan Bodhi Park Na Kluea and Chon Buri, 11-20 April 2014, 09.00-00.00 hrs

- Khao Nieo Road, Khon Kaen, 5-15 April 2014, 10.00-20.30 hrs.

- Patong Beach, Phuket, 12-13 April 2014, 10.00-22.00 hrs.

- Hat Yai Midnight Songkran at Nipat Uthit 3 Road, Sanehanusorn Road and Wat Mahatta, 11-15 April 2014, 10.00-23.00 hrs

- Songkran Ko Samui (Chaweng Beach), 13 April 2014, 08.00 – 20.00 hrs.


Here are some of the other most interesting locations for foreign visitors:


- Songkran Wisutkasat: Get soaked at Wisutkasat (Bang Khun Phrom intersection), under the Rama 8 bridge, 13-15 April.

- Banglamphu: Join Bangkok’s young people in traditional Thai attire and enjoy merit making and cultural performances at Suan Santi Chaiprakarn, Phra Athit Road, 13-15 April.

- Lan Khon Mueang: Merit making and fun in front of Bangkok City Hall, 13-15 April.


The North

- Songkran ‘Song Nam Oi Tan’ in Sri Satchanalai, Sukhothai: Beauty contests, a vibrant parade and cultural activities at Phraya Li Thai Monument and Si Satchanalai Historical Park, 8-12 April, 2014.


The Central, Eastern and Western regions

- Sand pagoda ceremony on Lai Day, Bang Saen District, Chon Buri: Cultural activities, including sand sculpture contests along Bangsaen beach, 16-17 April.

- Songkran in the ancient capital city, Ayutthaya: Probably Thailand’s most unique Songkran celebration with elephants joining the fun! In front of TAT Ayutthaya Office, 13-15 April.

- Songkran in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi: A traditional Mon-style Songkran celebration which differs greatly from those elsewhere, at Wat Wangwiwekaram, 13-18 April.

- Songkran in Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan: Meet the locals, mostly ethnic Mon, resplendent in traditional outfits. Make merit, join a colourful parade and take part in fun activities in front of the Phra Pradaeng district office, 18-20 April.

- Songkran Splendours, Suphan Buri 2014: A colourful Songkran procession from 10 districts, beauty contests and concerts, in front of Suphanburi Bus Station, 12-14 April.


The Northeast

- Pleasant Songkran, Thai-Lao’ New Year, Nakhon Phanom: The joint Thai-Lao Songkran festival showcases the cultures of seven different ethnic groups in Nakhon Phanom province. Join in merit making by offering sticky rice to the monks, by Kankrao market, 12-15 April.

- Songkran in Renu District, Nakhon Phanom: Watch the famous traditional dance called ‘Ram Phu Tai’, together with a magical ‘Bai Sri’ ceremony where locals welcome visitors by tying a small string on their wrists, 12-15 April

- Thailand-Laos Friendship Songkran, Nong Khai: Get a sense of history at the first Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, water the Luang Por Phra Sai, the highly-revered Buddha image of the Nong Khai people and experience a merit-making ceremony at Wat Pho Chai, Nong Prachak Road, 10-18 April.


Tho South

- Songkran ‘Nang Dan’ Parade, Nakhon Sri Thammarat: Watch the spectacular Nang Dan cultural procession, join the locals in paying homage to Phra Maha That Chadi Nakhon Si Thammarat, and purify the Phra Buddha Sihing at Suan Si Thammasokarat and Hor Phra Shiva, 12-14 April.

Everything about Songkran Festival find at Songkran 2014.

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