Take a look at the inside of villa Storia

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Take a look at the inside of villa Storia Villa Storia

Dobrinj is a picturesque place on the island of Krk, the biggest and most visited island in Croatia, that, until recently jealously guarded a beautiful villa rebuilt using the traditional building and interior design techniques which the Mediterranean had known about for centuries.


It is a villa built and then renovated using an existing former nobleman`s house dating back to the early 20th century. The ancient construction techniques, including

the traditional appearance of some of Krk’s most magnificent buildings have been maintained in this villa, whilst the spirit of days gone by when the first tourists from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy discovered the beauty of the northern Adriatic, is a constant reminder in both the exterior and interior design of this villa.

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The fact that we are in the 21st century is obvious, however, and can be seen by the excellent and even unique combination of old and new within the exterior and interior

of the villa, where the search for superior accommodation, comfort, and luxury on offer together with the exceptional quality of the accommodation was tantamount for the villa’s owner, Ana Buljan (27), a young woman and entrepreneur.

The owner took care that the exterior should be seamlessly immersed within the beautiful wooded and hilly landscape of Dobrinj, from where an unobstructed view of the sea extends. The environment has been set up and adapted for those looking to relax in the spa whilst surrounded by a peaceful spa oasis together with an outdoor swimming pool, lined with Krk stone and ornaments. The traditional architecture of Dobrinj, which has remained unchanged for centuries, has been fully respected and it has been artfully incorporated into all the internal and external facilities this villa offers.


The interior space is luxurious, imbued with an architectural design that varies from traditional to ultimately modern, making it the perfect place to stay and escape to. The

warm and friendly welcome to all those who choose this wonderful villa as their tourist destination can be felt in every corner, crowned with a stunning wine cellar with a selection of over 500 wines, which is completely at the disposal of all visitors to the villa.

villa stroria2

The walls are imbued with the colors and motifs of Krk, with furniture bought from local antique shops and from the people of the island, to match the charm and tradition of the Mediterranean as it once was, as far as possible, with modern design.

The surface area of the villa itself is 286 m2 surrounded by 700 m2 of greenery. It also boasts 4 rooms, which are mainly used as bedrooms. The entire area is divided over

three stories, where the basement part is linked to the spa hiding within containing an indoor pool, a sauna, and a relaxation area. The second part of the basement is

reserved for wine tastings with a wide variety and selection of these premium drops.

The first floor has a large and open living room, and thanks to its numerous windows, the play of light shows all of the villa’s splendor at a glance.

villa storia

The bedrooms, which are fully equipped with modern style furniture, including king- sized beds, give the impression of glamour and aim to please even the smallest 

interior requests their guests might have.

The villa is available for rental throughout the year, and regardless of season, offers excellent comfort, a touch of glamor and relaxation in an exceptionally well-kept

Mediterranean villa which perfectly combines the spirit of tradition and modern times at the service of each of its guests. Besides enjoying the superb accommodation provided, Dobrinj is a real tourist and historical oasis, as is the whole of the island of Krk, providing every guest who visits it with just one imperative – to return - having been enchanted by its beauty.

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  • About Croatia



    Language: Croatia
    Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK) Convert
    Capital: Zagreb
    Time Zone: UTC+1
    Unit system: metric
    Driving side: right
    Electricity: 220V


    Meal, Inexpensive: 5.87€/8.10$
    Meal for 2: 26.10€/36.02$
    Meal at McDonald's: 4.57€/6.30$
    Dom. Beer (0.5L): 1.70€/2.34$
    Imp. Beer (0.33L): 1.96€/2.70$
    Cappuccino: 1.23€/1.70$
    Coke/Pepsi (0.33L): 1.63€/2.25$
    Water (0.33L): 1.18€/1.62$
    Water (1.5L): 0.81€/1.12$
    Public Transport: 1.57€/2.16$
    Taxi Start: 1.96€/2.70$
    Taxi 1km: 0.65€/0.90$


    VISAS: Citizens of the U.S., the U.K., EU countries, Australia and New Zealand do not need visas to visit Croatia. For other countries visa requirements, you can check the website of Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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