Little villages of the Middle Ages in Tuscany

  • Written by  Irene Ramponi
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Montescudaio Montescudaio by Tyrrhenus, via Wikimedia

If you are backpacking through the area between Val di Cornia and Val di Cecina, the villages of the Middle Ages are a must visit. They populate the beautiful Tuscan valleys and will leave you with good memories of  hidden Tuscany.

The first village that you have to visit is Montecatini Val di Cecina, typical of the Middle Ages, really famous for its mining complex and its historical treasures; it has a pretty, little square in the middle, where you can stop to eat something typical and homemade: at the trattoria L'che ce' ce', Loris, the odd owner, is really famous for his cacciucco livornese, a really tasty fish soup, typical for this area. This trattoria is really beautiful and cheap.


Torre di San DalmazioA must see also are the little villages of Rocca and San Dalmazio: spend a night there, you'll be nicely surprised. San Dalmazio is a typical village of the Middle Ages and you just have to see it. In particular the little streets of the city center. But, the main building is the powerful looking fortress with its towers above the village. It is illuminated at night also… A fascinating sight!

You can reach it through a woodland path which is not so demanding and is really cute to walk through.

Before climbing the fortress, take a pause at the restaurant La Rocca… That one with a wonderful wooden arbor, covered by flowers and ivy; the courses are simple but pleasant and the prices are low. If you're still hungry of art, history and culture experiences, feel free to wonder around and visit the other villages of the Middle Ages close around

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