The best Parks in Florence

  • Written by  Irene Ramponi
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Giardino Di Boboli Giardino Di Boboli by Shaun Merritt, CC-BY-2.0, via Flickr

Florence is one of the pearls of Italy, really rich of appeal and art. But that is not all. Near the cultural heritage you can also find wonderful parks and beautiful gardens. Truly a place for backpackers to rest their legs and put down that big hump off his back.

Most of these gardens are not advertised a lot, so let's go discover those hidden gems!


Giardino Di BoboliThe Giardino dei Boboli (Garden of Boboli) is one of the most famous and celebrated, well known for its beauty and its panoramic view of the roofs of Florence. You can arrive there from Palazzo Pitti, or from Forte Belvedere, Via Romana or from Porta Romana Square.
The garden was built between 15th and 19th century and it is spread over a 45.000 square meters area. You can easily spend a relaxing day wondering through the elegant paths which extricate through the garden itself, admiring the little lakes, fountains, sculptures, obelisks, the Amphitheatre… You'll also see the Kaffeehaus, a building of the 18th century in rococò style, from here you could enjoy a unique panorama, especially in particular moments of the day.


Giardino BardiniNearby, there is Giardino Bardini. (Bardini Garden). With its four hectares it is one of the biggest gardens of Florence.
The Belvedere (a panoramic view) is at the top of a baroque staircase, and nearby you can see fountains decorated with fabulous mosaics.
If you have the time, stop for a moment to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria del Carmine and the cloister of the adjacent convent.


Another beautiful pearl is the Corsi Annalena Garden, where the geometries of the parterre are really fascinating and elegant looking. You'll arrive here from via dei Serragli, via dei Mori and Via Romana. The garden is really well-finished, but it's private, so, before going there, ask at the tourist office.


Palazzo della gherardescaThe last but not the least is Giardino della Gherardesca, the biggest private garden in the city center of Florence. It has been restored and now it is enjoyable in all its old glory and ancient magnificence. The main entry is from Piazzale Donatello.




These places really are enjoyable after all those walks with your luggage on your back. But hey, that’s what backpacking is all about, right?


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