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Paris to tourists: Stop locking down love! Featured

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Paris to tourists: Stop locking down love! NOLOVELOCKS.COM

Many visitors want to attach padlocks engraved with their names to bridges in Paris. It`s sort of tradition for those who are in love. And Paris is one of the most romantic city. So, where is the problem?

Since the early 2000s, couples have been leaving "love locks" bearing their names or initials on a number of bridges across Europe, and throwing the key into the rivers as a sign of their devotion.

"In 2008, “love locks” (padlocks fastened to a bridge to symbolize everlasting love) began to appear on the historic Pont des Arts in Paris, France. Since then, this trend has spread to other bridges in Paris, presenting a mounting problem of costly maintenance, ecological damage, safety and security, and the degradation of cherished historic structures. These locks create a threat to the cultural heritage of the city of Paris, and the time has come to regulate them."

Set up by two American ex-pats living in the city, the No Love Locks campaign is calling on the newly-elected mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, to outlaw love locks, which organisers describe as 'a plague on our city's historic bridges and sites'. An online petition set up by Lisa Anselmo and Lisa Taylor-Huff has garnered more than 1,900 signatures since it went live at the start of this month, with Parisians and tourists alike joining the calls for the locks to be banned.

- ...In November, I saw what had become of the Pont de l’Archevêché, a tiny bridge that connects Notre Dame with Quai de Montebello. In what seemed like mere months, it had been inundated by an infestation of locks, a dense metallic clump of “love,” that crept over the side of the bridge like a fungus- it is said on blog site No Love Locks.

City Hall suggests they send an "e-lock" – a virtual padlock – via a specially dedicated website to declare their love instead. 

If you want to sign Petition to Ban ‘Love Locks!’ click HERE!

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