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Take a look: Secret Franja Partisan Hospital Featured

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The wounded were brought to the hospital only under the cover of darkness through the stream, so the enemy would not recognize clues along the way and so discovered the hospital.

Franja Partisan Hospital was a secret partisan hospital in the era of World War II and it is located near the village of Cerkno in Slovenia. It was built in December 1943, and was the only so-equipped hospital at that time, far from the eyes of the enemy.

Never discovered

Franja hospital consists of 15 wooden barracks, and was among the best-equipped secret partisan hospitals with the operating room, X-ray machine, facilities for the care of disabled people and a small power station.

The hospital is located in inaccessible terrain, between the cliffs. During its activity until 1945, it is the total brought 578 wounded, and 78 of them did not survive. Most of the dead life is lost while waiting to be brought into the hospital by dark. Dead are buried in a nearby cemetery with a bottle of brandy and cards on which are written information to authorities subsequently could identify. After the war, all the remains were transferred to families.

Construction of hospitals

After the capitulation of Italy in the fall of 1943, the doctor Viktor Volcjak and a group of fighters started to build a new hospital in barely accessible Pasice klancu in Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno, on the advice of one of the local residents, John Peternelja.

With the dedicated help of the locals, the hospital was being built gradually by the end of the war next Čerinščica stream. It is named by the main doctor who managed the hospital Franja Bojc Bidovec and was built by a doctor Viktor Volcjak. The hospital has received an award from the American Association of veteran pilots WW2 for rescue Harold Adams, pilots downed over Slovenia.

After the catastrophic floods that destroyed the hospital in September 2007, the monument was reconstructed almost entirety. The water washed away almost all original items from the hospital, only 80 were subsequently found and returned to the hospital. Based on previously prepared drawings and documents buildings have been renovated and made copies of them.

Today is the Franja Partisan Hospital cultural monument on UNESCO's world heritage list, and bears the European heritage. Despite the loss of authentic material, the hospital has remained a symbol of struggle, humanity and heroism of Slovenes, who, together with other nations, stood up in the fight against fascism and nazism.


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