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I woke up here... And I wanna come back at Big Berry Featured

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Let me tell you a story...Once upon a time there was a great place where everybody are happy, relaxed and nobody wants to leave.

There was a land under the bright sun and shiny stars surrounded by green grass, green trees and green Kolpa.

There was a house with everything you need inside and the hot tub in the front. Well, I need to be honest, it is not a story. It is very real and it`s BIG BERRY - first Slovenian LIFESTYLE CAMP along river Kolpa in town Primostek made us belive that there is a perfect place for amazing vacation, away from city crowd and noise, but so close to kind people, and triple green. The BIG BERRY story is all about luxury accommodation with multipurpose centre hidden in nature. How I know? Because I am just sitting in a living room in one of the seven mobile homes, with my laptop on my knees.

Pictures by BPPost


What is a triple green?
Mobile homes with multipurpose center are surrounded with green grass, green trees and green river Kolpa. With bright sun and white clouds dancing in the blue sky "triple green" makes so peaceful picture. And you just wanna jump in. And Kolpa is a great choice to jump in as well. Trust me, I`ve tried.
You know that love goes through stomach. In Big Berry even more. Great, young people (I thing that I am the oldest person here right now) will make you to feel special. Breakfast is homemade. And I like it a lot.


Basket filled with 100% organic apple juice from Lamut (, fresh bread, eggs, honey from Čebelarstvo Veselič, milk and the most tastefull yogurt ever from Kmetija Štrucelj, ghee butter (I am taking home 2.5kg of this "natural gold", With delivery from 7am to 11am will include 1L of milk, 1 kg of bread, 6 eggs, 2 dcl of honey, seasonal fruits, including berries, of course. At the campside you can find berry plantation with 40 different kinds of berries. Yes, you can freely eat. The first day I just walked around...Till night.

In the morning there was a same routine. Amazing breakfast with one of the most beautiful view, but lunch was amazing also. We went to Gostilna Muller, a few kilometeres away from camp. Now hear this..A great wooden terrace and amazing food is a big score. On my plate was turkey filled with cottage and smoked ham served with home made gnocchi with seasonal vegetables. I need to conffece, this was really good. 

After the lunch - jacuzzi time

Well, it is my personal choice. You can be inside when ever you want, during the day, sunset, evening, night... Or you can just relax here...


If you don`t like to spend all the time here, no problem...Here is my solution...



River Kolpa was chosen to be placed on the map of the European Destinations of Exellence – EDEN in 2010. The region around the river is known for its unique culture, hospitable locals and delicious cuisine. Discover the area by bike or on foot and the river flow with the canoe or a kayak.

How to get here

Primostek is a village in the Municipality of Metlika in the White Carniola area of southeastern Slovenia. It lies on the right bank of the Lahinja River, close to its confluence with the Kolpa River, next to the border with Croatia. The adress is: Primostek, 50 Gradac, Slovenia.

While I am writing this, water balloons challenge is about to start in the camp, but soon as I return I will tell you a story about one of the most amazing place I have ever seen. But right now, Slovenia is great place to spend your vacation. In BIG BERRY especially. Trust me here... 

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