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Active tour with zip-line and canyoning in Slovenia- Part one Featured

Written by  Daniel Janjic
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After entering in Slovenia, a special energy of love is felt in the creation of this beautiful land, love is even part of the name of the capital - Ljubljana. Slovenia is a country which connects the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain and takes the best of everything. Our trail begins in the beautiful hilly area between the Alps and Kras, Idrija and Cerkljansko.


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We drove to Šebrelje, amazing location at 650 m.n.v, surrounded by forests and rivers. I don't need to mention that you immediately get the desire to move to this idyllic neighborhood. In the restaurant of owner Mr. Polak, with the local ambiance that inspire, we have tasted the famous specialties of this region such as Shell Stomach, known for its geographic designation and Idrijske žilkrofima, knedl with potatoes, all of which are sourced with excellent wines from this area. Near Šebrelje there is the famous archeological finds named Divje Babe, hidden from above with the valley of the river Idrijce and below with the plateau of Šebreljska planota. We reach the church of St. Ivan which is an extremely energetic area as well as the entire region, surrounded by ditches built during IWW and the bunker that served as ammunition storage. Above one of the trenches there is a vineyard with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the river Idrijac at the base. Above the church, there are information panels of the archeological site and a path leading to the famous cave that alternately populated by people and animals during the Palaeolithic period. The site is known for the flute, a cave bear femur pierced by spaced holes that was found in 1995. It has been suggested that it was made by Neanderthals as a form of musical instrument, its hole spacing and alignment leading to its being labeled a "Neanderthal flute". Slovenian archeologist Mitja Brodar, however, argues that it was made by Cro-Magnons as an element of Central European Aurignacian culture.[1] A form of flute, it is possibly the world's oldest known musical instrument.

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The cave entrance is otherwise locked but can be viewed with prior announcement the leadership of the charming Mrs. Stefan Lapanje. The cave is about 1 km long. Only one part of the cave is explored so the research is still going on. It was a pleasure to visit this site with Mr. Štefan, a guide who has been exploring this area from a small foot and is full of interesting stories and details that he likes to share with visitors and makes his visit more interesting. After this visit and filling with full positive energy by the place which is not bothered by commercial tourism, we went to a famous restaurant and more famous ski center located at 1291 m.a.s.l  
Special attention is paid to local dishes, of course with the famous sparkling brandy, home-made wine and fine beer. The house is beautifully made of stone and wood. This place overlooking Triglav is the highest peak of Slovenia attracts nature lovers, hikers, bikers and of course skis In the winter season. There is a number of downhill trails for adrenaline cycling enthusiasts that are well arranged and suitable for a variety of experienced bikers. There is a possibility of accommodation in any of the 6 modernly equipped apartments. The ski center at the helm of the Alpine pearl has been awarded for 4 years in a row as Slovenian best ski resort that has been adapted to all ages. There is also an amusement park with football pitches, volleyball, badminton as well as a striking polygon, paintball polygon, slackline and a children's playground with a trampoline. There is a wide choice of bicycles for hire, bicycle service and the bicycle shop with the offer of water, mountain biking trips and courses as well.

Partisan hospital Franja

This area is known for its anti-fascist struggle so that this hospital was a monument and was shelved in UNESCO's list of world heritage. The hospital was treated 578 wounded of wich about 300 who were treated in external departments. The wounded were members of all nationalities. After the flood on September 18, 2007, the hospital was completely depleted. The fascinating persistence and the will of the people led by Dr. Viktor Volčak to make a hospital in this beautiful canyon make this a symbol of humanity and nobility. Fascinated by this knowledge we move forward to the hotel Cerkno in the same named location in the center of the city. The elegant rooms can accommodate 180 guests. Within the hotel are the only Slovenian thermals in the Julian Alps. Saunas, massages, geysers, and pool for kids are available. After a good evening, a light snack is followed by a quiet and charming atmosphere. The next point is Bohinjska Bistrica, a place where we had experience of canyoning. This full me with joy because - this is my field. Adrenaline all over in a great nature.

Full experience of adrenaline

The kind staff of sport4fun and our guide Rok welcomed us with a smile and sympathetic, remaining female part of our team - breathless. After getting acquainted with the relaxed atmosphere, we are introduced to the details of canyoning, equipment is taken (neoprene sections, helmets and safety belts specially designed for canyoning. All our clothes and things are inside of the boxes that go with us to a car that takes us to the place where canyoning begins. 

After 20 minutes of a pleasant ride and 100 yards of sight with the Bohinj Valley we are ready for adventure. Tip: You can bring waterproof mobile phones or Go pro camera, but even if you do not have such gadgets, don`t worry, you will get professional photos from your guide.


We are entering in the ankle deep river. The canyoning means sliding down the waterfalls, dropping down on the more dangerous parts and jumping into the pools below the waterfall which are the most fun, but also the most dangerous. But don`t worry, you are safe and fulfilled with a great time. And adrenaline.

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After about two hours in the canyon, including a zipline, full of laughter and happiness we are coming out of the river. People who were bowed at the beginning, in the end, wanted to repeat everything so I definitely recommend it to everyone. 

It is good to know that Sport4fun offers kayaking, climbing, hiking, rafting and unavoidable canyoning.

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Our trip continues to the best restaurants in Bohinj, Resje in Nemški rovt. You will have to visit because you can enjoy the delicious local dish and pizza.  You can stay over in apartments with fitness center. You can rent a bike and ski equipment. I need to accent again: great food and services. Location is very close to the Soriška Mountains.



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