YOLOstel - First design hostel in Belgrade, Serbia

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A first design hostel has opened in Belgrade, capital of Serbia and city known for great night life. A truly original concept, made for all backpackers and fellow travelers.

"In YOLOstel buildingYOLOstel we are offering the maximum comfort a backpacker could wish for in our 4 colorful and stylish rooms and lounge area. Even though every room is different, they have all been crafted with the same goal in mind: providing our guests with the supreme comfort, security and style during their stay. There is a total of 20 beds available in four picturesque rooms.

Every piece of furniture is custom made, a mix of original and genuinely creative ideas" said the hostel manager.

Lounge area is a chill out spot, not a party zone. There is a fully equipped kitchen where guests can have a sip of  free tea and Serbian coffee, a bowl of free soup and welcoming drink, Serbian rakia.

There is a coffee vending machine, with various kinds of coffee, hot chocolate and typical Serbian breakfast at very affordable prices.

YOLOstel locationYOLOstel is located just a few steps from the Kalemegdan fortress and very close to the old bohemian quarter Skadarlija. A few steps away is the party, design district Savamala.

The hostel is surrounded by "24/7" supermarkets, cafés, bakeries, exchange offices, banks and pharmacies.


Check out the gallery below and see why we plan on booking a room first time we visit Belgrade.

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  • About Serbia



    Language: Serbian
    Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD) Convert
    Capital: Belgrade
    Time Zone: UTC+1
    Unit system: metric
    Driving side: right
    Electricity: 220V


    Meal, Inexpensive: 5.00€/6.88$
    Meal for 2: 20.00€/27.54$
    Meal at McDonald's: 3.93€/5.41$
    Dom. Beer (0.5L): 1.30€/1.79$
    Imp. Beer (0.33L): 1.53€/2.10$
    Cappuccino: 1.15€/1.58$
    Coke/Pepsi (0.33L): 1.13€/1.56$
    Water (0.33L): 0.77€/1.06$
    Water (1.5L): 0.42€/0.58$
    Public Transport: 0.63€/0.86$
    Taxi Start: 1.23€/1.70$
    Taxi 1km: 0.57€/0.78$


    VISAS: visa is required for holders of emergency travel documents and travel documents for refugees and aliens of all countries. Nationals from UN Member States with which the Republic of Serbia has no diplomatic relations need visas for entering the country. For detail about your country of origin, visit Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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