London Rat Cafe as a regular event?

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London Rat Cafe as a regular event? The London Dungeon

London Dungeon creates quirky cafe where customers can drink with rats in a bid to remodel their image.

London Dungeon has added a slightly more unusual twist to the coffee-and-cuddles mindset, by opening a rat cafe. For one day only, 24th June, Londoners were able to visit a pop-up cafe inside the Dungeon, and get up close and personal with the resident family of rats, under supervision of special keepers.

"We had reservations about the hygiene of such matters until we were reassured that the rats are tame and well groomed. The rodents don’t come out until all food had been cleared away — although they will watch from their rat runs as you eat — so no need to worry about extracting rat hair from your food. Hand sanitiser is supplied in bulk.

Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘isn’t eating around rats a bit unhygienic’ – NO is the answer! Our rats are tame and extremely well groomed plus  we’ll keep the eating and the petting separate with compulsory hand washing and sanitising in between the two, whether you like it or not! As the old adage goes, Londoners are never more than 6 feet away from a rat, so why not meet one on your own terms…", it is said at The London Dungeon site.

The menu consist of such delights as carrat cake and black forest rateau, washed down by a rattuccino or ratte. It’s wordplay central, but rats are friends not food, so no need to worry about crunching on a tail in your cake.

Food and drink was included in the £5 ticket price. 

Although the Rat Café was a one-off for a group of rat-loving guests, London Dungeon is considering making the idea a regular event, said Daily Mail. 

‘Judging by first reactions, this pop-up rat café could become a regular date on the eccentric things to do calendar,’ Mr Hywel says.

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