Exceptional restaurant in Zanzibar

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The Rock restaurant, Zanzibar The Rock restaurant, Zanzibar from the official website

Good food, reasonable prices, STUNNING view and experience... Need we say more?


Grilled Lobster at "The Rock" restaurant, ZanzibarEven though the prices at this facility would not count really as a backpackers cup of tea since they are more "western" compared to the other local businesses, the experience and the view, as mentioned, are spectacular and well worth the money.


The restaurant is built on a rock which sits out on the water off Zanzibar's Michanwi Pingwe beach. During low tide, you can walk to the restaurant, and when the waters are high, a small boat is the only way to go.


"The Rock" restaurant, ZanzibarThe restaurant serves fresh seafood and variety of pastas along with a nice selection of wines. You can check out the whole menu HERE and find instructions for reservations HERE. Yes, you have to make a reservation. You didn't really think you can just show up at a place like this right?


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