Stag beetle snack in a Tokyo vending machine

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Stag beetle snack in a vending machine Stag beetle snack in a vending machine Tomoya via Twitter

Every day of backpacking through Japan is a chance to see something out of the ordinary. Well, this one sure is near the top of the list.

Twitter user, Tomoya, took a hike through one of the numerous streets in the Adachi ward of Tokyo. Passing by she noticed an old vending machine filled with what she thought were soda drinks and snacks. She was more than surprised (or maybe disgusted, who knows?) with what she saw in there.

For a pricy sum of 630 Yen (a bit over $6) she saw a big, BIG stag beetle, offered as a snack.

It is not confirmed though that this is an actual beetle or a chocolate one since the purchase has not been made. Tomoya said that she will spring out with those Yens next time she is around the mentioned machine and clear everyone’s doubts.


We just have to wait and see then.

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