VIDEO: New Dubai Guinness World Records!

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VIDEO: New Dubai Guinness World Records! Youtube

Skydive Dubai proudly congratulates Ernesto Gainza with landing the world's smallest parachute for a new Dubai Guinness World Records!


Dubai skydiver breaks world record for jumping with smallest parachute.

Professional skydiver Ernesto Gainza’s feet on Saturday touched the ground after a death-defying skydive, but his heart was still on cloud nine. After all he had broken the Guinness World Record for the smallest parachute jump at just 35 square feet.

Jumping at 14,000 feet with a parachute just a little smaller than a single bed, Gainza, 35, sealed the world record at about 6.20pm on Saturday when he jumped at SkyDive Dubai Palm Drop Zone.

The previous record was held by Luigi Cani when he jumped in February 2008 with a 37sqft canopy. A regular parachute measures 120 square feet, roughly the size of an average child’s room.

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