How far in advance you should book your flight

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How far in advance you should book your flight by Airodyssey/Wikimedia


Air tickets can take a huge part of your total budget for some trip. But, now it is a time for you to be smart enough and get to know how and more important- when- is the best time to buy air tickets.


Buying your flight at the right time can help you save some serious cash. Thnx to now we have some answers - studies over 1.5 billion fares every year to estimate how far in advance you should book for flights, from domestic fares in the United States to international trips around the globe.

On average, the best time to buy domestic airline tickets is 47 days before your flight. And when it comes to international flights, the results were markedly different.


The lowest international fares are found by booking a lot earlier. On most airlines, international flights open up for sale 335 days before departure.

Study found that they don’t typically drop that much from their initial price. Instead, they stay fairly flat for a few months, then start to creep up slowly, until about 90 days before departure when the pace of increase starts to accelerate.

Whereas with domestic flights you can often get a decent deal up until about a month before departure, with international flights that is the case much less often. Three months in advance, instead of one month, marks the end of the period in which you’d generally get the best price.



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