OMG! The aurora!

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Do you know what would look better with that lamp post …. AURORA!!!

Omg! The aurora! This was a crazy, crazy night!

This was my Inari Saariselkä trip that also yielded the reindeer photo. We had already experienced the aurora in Nuorgam and the forecast was for overcast days and nights until we left Finland. @photojbartlett , @wisslaren and I had been watching ski movies in our quaint wood cabin in the national park and had just about decided to call it a night. Chris went out for one last Aurora check and holy s**t was it firing! I got dragged out of bed and the three of us set out for a delirious few hours in the snow. We literally shot everything with the aurora … cars, driveways, trees, snow piles, ourselves, the road. Our catch cry was “Do you know what would look better with that lamp post …. AURORA!!!” It was the reason we were there and we couldn’t have planned it better if we tried. Aurora!

This is a post of Instagram user @laurenepbath who spent time in Finland and "caught" amazing shot of aurora borealis in the one of the most famous Finland`s tourist destination:  Inari Saariselkä

If you also want to take home photo memories from this place, read a guide How to photograph aurora borealis below...


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