Here is how much coins tourists toss into Rome`s Trevi Fountain

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No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Fontana di Trevi, Located in the Quirinale district of Rome. The Trevi Fountain is known as one of the most stunning fountains in the world, and is one of the oldest water sources in Rome. It’s illegal to fish out coins from the fountain, said Walks of Italy. In the past it was common for gangs of thieves to sweep the coins out of the fountain at night. In fact, three were caught by a T.V. show using a hidden camera in 2011. The most famous raider, however, was known by his nickname, d’Artagnan. He stole the coins from the fountain for 34 years before he was caught in the summer of 2002.

Rome’s Trevi Fountain generates €1.4m for city’s charities in 2016, reports Caritas.

Rome’s Trevi Fountain was a veritable cash cow for the Eternal city’s charities in 2016, according to new data.

The charity Caritas said this week that tourists tossed €1.4m (£1.2m) into the baroque fountain last year, helping to subsidise a supermarket for Rome’s needy, according to media reports.

The fountain, covered in mythological figures and commonly cited as one of the world’s most famous, dates back to 1762 and has featured prominently in fiction, perhaps most notably in the 1954 film Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain. Tradition dictates that visitors should throw a coin into it using the right hand over the left shoulder if they wish to return to the city one day.


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