An incredible airplane landing!

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Airplane approaching St. Marteen Airport Airplane approaching St. Marteen Airport By ToddonFlickr, via Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

Have you ever traveled to Caribbean?  If you haven`t, after this you will probably want to.  Aside from these islands being a piece of paradise on Earth, here lays one of the most amazing airports in the world.

During the take off phase, if you stand at the beach behind the runway start, you literally feel being sandblasted, and those careless or reckless can soon find themselves blown a few meters back or even thrown into the sea (this really happens) by the jet stream. Some guys even try to "surf" the jet stream while hanging of the airport fence. With the takedown part, bigger airplanes arrive to the runway so close to the ground you actually have the need to duck down.
maho beach danger sign


There is a big danger sign at the beach, warning the ones feeling brave to try their luck. Some of the brave but unlucky ones were a part of recorded incidents involving powerful jet streams. So if you feel the need to fly when you are on Maho Beach, consider yourself warned.
The arrival times of the airliners are written on a surfboard at the "Sunset Bar", located directly at the beach.


If you have experienced landing on St. Maarten from the ground, share it with us. If not, check out the video below.

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St. Maarten KLM Boeing 747 landing by Bademeisterization, via Youtube


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