27th World Festival of Animated Film

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27th World Festival of Animated Film 27th World Festival of Animated Film PR PHOTO

Where, when, why, what? 


From 5 to 10 June, with countless introductory events starting late in May, the 27th World Festival of Animated FilmAnimafest Zagreb once again turns the Croatian capital into a global animation hub.

Competitions, theme competitions, theme programs, and retrospectives will screen over 300 films, with many side events like exhibitions, workshops, lectures, symposium, school presentations, site-specific films, open-air events in the city streets and parks.

From recent works to masterpieces of the past, Animafest Zagreb 2017 covers all areas of animation, and its theme program this year focuses on the connection between comic book and animation.

Jezeva kuca

Among over 1600 submitted entries from 76 countries, 800 competed for the central, Grand Competition – Short Film. Forty-four of them qualified, and in the context of national cinemas, the selection is dominated by France with nine works. There is also a strong presence of Poland, Germany, Canada and USA, and this year, interestingly, a good share of idiosyncratic Scandinavian cinemas is also present. The competition also includes six Croatian films: Hedgehog`s Home by Eva Cvijanovic made in cooperation with NFB, puppet film adaptation of famous fable poem that opened at Berlinale; Michaela Müller`s painted on glass Airport, Nighthawk by Spela Cadez, Manivald by Chintis Lundgren and Božidar Trkuljas tongue-in- cheek stop motion fantasy The Last Quest.

Lovers of fairy tales will undoubtedly enjoy Among the Black Waves, hardboiled style and noir connoisseurs will be thrilled at Beer by C. Bukowski, while another film inspired by modernist literature is The Empty. When black and white drawing is concerned, SF Black is certainly worth the mention, while another SF worth seeing on the big screen is I Want Pluto to Be a Planet Again. Animafest`s Grand Competition also never lacks in intelligent humour: such as in Heads Together, The Hunt, Grey Noise, Analysis Paralysis or Six God Alphabet Peter. A film perfectly fitting this year`s comic-book- meets-animation theme is Decorado. Eye candy for the lovers of bright colours in the Grand Competition selection are High Summer and the lavish aquarelle The Pine Tree Villa. Apart from the already mentioned The Empty, fans of women cinema should not miss Impossible Figures and Other Stories II. Stop- motion aficionados, too, can get a piece of the action with Cerulia and Forgotten Reason, while the performance film XOXO – Hugs and Kisses bursts with suggestions of carnal pleasures. Finally, we are reminded of the joy of loving and sensuality in oquettish miniature Hi Stranger.

Red Turtle

Perhaps the most demanding cinematic form of all, feature-length animation, is
present at this year`s Animafest with nine productions from China, Japan, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Belgium etc. These are the touching Robinsonian love/family fantasy The Red Turtle of Ghibli Studio by Michaël Dudok de Wit, My Life as a Zucchini about a bitter-sweet life in an orphanage, followed by another Robinsonian film, this time set in a coastal town, Louise by the Shore by Jean-François Laguionie, a Fauvist adaptation of a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm The Girl Without Hands, an anti-war anime In This Corner of the World, a dark humoured gangster neo noir Have a Nice Day, a family film about serious topics My Dogs JinJin & Akida, a story about a stubborn Missouri family Where It Floods, and the latest film by Bill Plympton and Jim Lujan Revengeance.

Starting from 23 May, the media façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) will screen three-channel site-specific animations from 11 countries in the competition called Animation goes MSU!, and the list of selected works includes many returning artists who, in many years of collaboration between Animafest and MSU, best adapted to the specific demands of this "open air animation" format. Finally, to get a big picture of the current state of global animation production, let7s turn to the World Panorama, with films whose refinement, creativity and beauty match the competition entries in all aspects.

This year`s Animafest theme program presents comic books adapted into animated films: iconic feature (Fritz the Cat, Savage Religions) and short films in a
selection by acclaimed experts (Amid Amidi, Jens Meinrenken, Daniel Suljić), a
selection of Croatian comic book authors who gave it a go in the animation medium as well (e.g. Milan Trenc, Danijel Zezelj, Nedeljko Dragic, Josko Marusic...) and a motion comics exhibition (ULUPUH Gallery). The retrospective program Masters of Animation also follows up on the central theme, with works by the Dutch director, musician and visual artist Rosto, and the winner of Animafest 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Borivoj Dovnikovic Bordo, both renowned comic book authors and animators, as well as Croatian animated films made in 1969.

The traditional special and PRO sections include animated music videos to the
selection of the festival`s artistic director Daniel Suljic (Cinema for the Ear), Cartoon;Or nominees, Video Game Workshop and the symposium Animafest Scanner IIII, aiming to create synergy between theoretical and practical discourses and serving as a meeting point for an exchange of ideas between animation authors and scholars. The symposium also focuses on the connections between comic book and animation, as well as changes in the animation world, psychology and new media. This year`s keynote speaker is the winner of Animafest's 2017 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies, Maureen Furniss, American author, historian and animation theorist.

Like every year, Animafest Zagreb 2017 pays special attention to its young and  youngest visitors and their parents. It offers quality film content suitable for their age: amusing and educational workshops, Children`s Film Competition, a comprehensive Family Programme and special events set in cultural centres across different neighborhoods in Zagreb. Our media psychologist categorised the finest and latest Croatian and foreign films into four age groups (4-7, 7-10, 10-14 and 14+), clearly marked next to each film.

This year`s Children` Film Competition focuses on girls and boys who suddenly find their inner strength to change the surrounding world. Packed with age- appropriate humour and action, this section features gentle stories about friendship between the young protagonists, who carry their toil with the help of small tricks and a big heart. Ideal for children accompanied by parents, the Family Programme this year features a selection of classic Russian fairy tales adapted into animated films, short films – including the popular Gruffalo – and the feature film Long Way North.

Families, children and other animation aficionados should not miss animafest`s as many as seven Open Air events (27 May – 3-8 June) at parks Zrinjevac, Ribnjak, Gradec and Art Park, with the screenings of Persepolis, April and the Extraordinary World, Magic Mountain, Endgame, Corto Maltese, Late Night Work Club: Strangers, Savage Religions.


Join Animafest`s cinema picnic, with blankets and hampers and generally a great festival atmosphere. We are also introducing an animation/recreation novelty – animacycling the city streets on 20 May, with the starting point at Tuškanac and finish at Zrinjevac. An irresistible combination of animation and pedalling, screenings on the move and audiovisual/physical event. Animacycle consists of a two-hour`s ride along the city streets at sunset, led by quadricycles with projection equipment, turning the entire city into Animafest screen with the classic, multi award-winning films thematically related to bikes: The Triplets of Belleville, Me and My Moulton, Velodrool and Father and Daughter.



Festival pass enables entrance to all festival programs (film programs and special events) except the Grand Opening. Early Bird price (150 HRK ≈ 20 EUR) is valid until 21 May.




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