Very strong earthquake shakes the Java coast, Indonesia

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Very strong earthquake shakes the Java coast, Indonesia screenshot/emsc

A strong magnitude 6.1 earthquake rattled the Java region of central Indonesia on Saturday, EMSC reported.

The quake 61. magnitude struck at 12:14 pm local time at a depth of 95 kilometres. Local officials say there is no risk of a tsunami.

People in the town of Adipala near the epicentre say they felt the ground shaking hard for up to 20 seconds, as the quake struck in the sea off the coast of southern Java, reported.

Damage is now reported from various parts of south-central Java. One house in Purworedjo collapsed and others were damaged. Little damage, mainly cracked walls, is visible in parts of Yogyakarta. Rockfalls were observed in the hills around the town Kebumen, and in Tasikmalaya (western Java) the quake destroyed many windows. In many parts the people ran out of their houses in panic. Luckily there are no injuries so far, according to Earthquake report.

A mosque in the village of Kranggan collapsed, damaging one neighbour building, No casualities there. Some more houses in Kranggan suffered some damage.

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