Best job in the world! Who got it?

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Best job in the world! Who got it? Twitter/Sydney Fun

Andrew Smith won a contest to become Chief Funster in New South Wales, Australia, as part of promotional event. He is Californian who gets paid $93,000 to skydive, abseil and hang out with famous faces to promote Australia. 

He now earns a living by skydiving, driving around with The Stig, hanging out with skateboarder Tony Hawk and abseiling the spectacular Blue Mountains in Australia.

Andrew Smith from California has been chosen for the role of NSW Chief Funster. Before taking on his new dream job, Andrew was Social Media Manager of the Dubai One & YouTube travel series Peeta Planet. He has produced more than 120 social media videos, and has a following of more than 70,000 fans on Instagram. Andrew studied finance at university before moving to South Korea and discovering his great love for exploring the world.

What he will be doing?

Andrew will be based in Sydney, travelling throughout New South Wales as a social media commentator and professional party-goer. Andrew will review the coolest gigs, parties and VIP events in Sydney and New South Wales and help to promote food festivals, lifestyle, sports, cultural, entertainment and arts events across the state.

Working behind the scenes, Andrew will play an integral role in the Sydney Festival, Mardi Gras and Vivid Festival, all leading up to the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour.

This role is perfect for Andrew, who loves life and energy of a great party.

Andrew, BPP wish you a safe and pleasant journey!


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