Really? No alcohol at Songkran Festival

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Really? No alcohol at Songkran Festival Youtube

In the province of Prachuab Khirikan, the governor has ordered all local Songkran organizers, both public and private, to focus on an alcohol-free festival

The governor Veera Sriwattanakul said every unit involved, such as police, local administration offices, the media, and volunteers, had cooperated in the province's plan to lower the number of road accidents.

Prachuab Khirikan is a major tourist destination and also a city connecting the central plain to the South which means the traffic on Prachuap Khirikan's key highway will be heavy during the Songkran holiday, said Thaivisa.

But people are not happy with that restriction. 

Some of the comments on this news are:

"Why not deal with the problem instead. Put up roadblocks att check for drunk drivers, and let the peoples not just pay 100-200 baht pocketmoney to the police. "

"This is crazy, I agree deal with the problem. Most people who celebrate are either on holiday or live there. They are not driving around.Yes, put up road blocks, random checks, anything, and punish those who drink and drive. Not the people who just genuinly want to have a good time.Everything is blamed on alcohol. Yes it is a major cause of accidents, but not just at festivals, all year round. Its just another excuse to stop people enjoying themselves.A lot of people come on holiday just for Songkran. Kill the tourist industry, stop the enjoyment, and kill Thailand. That is exactly what is happening. Sort out the problem, they have a police force....use it !!!!!

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