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The maximum baggage weight permitted for is one of the questions most frequently asked by travellers. How much I am allowed to carry? How will I know?

KLM now have a solution.

"We now have a user-friendly baggage tool on KLM.com that offers passengers a simple explanation of the baggage rules that apply for the trip they’re planning, KLM announced.

The many different baggage rules make things complicated. You simply fill in your flight data (destination and travel class) and it gives you a simple answer.

How it works?

The baggage tool simply checks the different flight options from A to B and chooses the most logical route, preferably operated by KLM or Air France, of course. Based on the outcome, the tool gives the AIR FRANCE KLM baggage policy (which are almost identical) for the route. If there is a good chance that different baggage rules apply, the tool informs the traveller of this fact, as well as the additional costs if applicable.

The tool also takes into account the privileges of passengers who are members of Flying Blue and/or other loyalty programmes. Apart from information on the amount of baggage that can be carried free of charge and the costs of carrying excess baggage, the tool also gives information on special baggage such as guitars or skiing equipment.


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