'The whole house shook. I have a cement house.'

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'The whole house shook. I have a cement house.' Twitter

The 6.0-magnitude earthquake, at a depth of just 7.4 kilometres (4.5 miles), hit north Thailand just after 6 pm (1100 GMT), the US Geological Survey said.

The epicentre was around 27 kilometres from the mountainous city of Chiang Rai. It was centered about 30 miles southeast of Thailand's border with Myanmar and about 60 miles west of Thailand's border with Laos. So far there is no informations about injuries, but there is a lot of damage on the roads and some objects. 

"This is the most powerful earthquake to strike the country in recent times," Burin Wechbunthung, a seismologist at the Meteorological Department, told AFP. "There have been five aftershocks so far and people within a 150-kilometre radius of the epicentre in Phan district should be warned," he added.

The earthquake was felt in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and in Myanmar's largest city, Yangon.

These are some of the testimonies from emsc-csem.org page that people wrote after the earthquake:

"A good shake, I'm expat and been thru elsewhere. Scared a lot of the locals. Big for them."

"One initial quake with up to 3 aftershocks of less intensity."

"Also, this one has had many aftershocks, more that usual.  But again, the epicenter was only about 10 miles south of my house."

"The whole house shook. I have a cement house.  The house and all the nearly trees were shaking and swaying, as if a giant helicopter were above the house.  There were two or three occurrences, about 30 seconds apart."

"Pool water went over the Side,cracks in wall".

"My house was shaking, dishes fell out of the cupboards and broke! It shook up a mundane day in San Sai!!", said one of the ThaiVisa forum user.

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