Ice cream scandal in Italy: US tourists being charged $50 for ice cream

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Ice Cream, Ilustration Ice Cream, Ilustration (Photo by Magnus Manske, Wikimedia)


American tourists James and Marian Luciani and a friend were so surprised to get their £33 (more than $50) bill for just three ice creams and a bottle of water in Rome's Bar Il Caffe, they called the police, said The Local. 

An American couple were outraged after being charged €42 for three ice creams and a bottle of water at a bar in central Rome, asking the police to intervene, but the manager told The Local it was "their fault" for not reading the menu.

The restaurant, just steps from the Trevi Fountain, charges 13 euro, or $17, for each gelato.


 Having paid around €3 or €4 for an ice cream so far on their Italian holiday, they were shocked when the bill came to €42.

The Lucianis contested the charge, only to be shown a menu - having not checked before ordering - in which the price for an ice cream was set at €13 apiece. The waiter told them that they had, in fact, been given a discount as they were relieved of the €2.50 per person cover charge.

“We’d just paid €59 for our entire dinner, including a litre of wine, and then were charged €42 for gelato!” James told The Local.

“We’ve been careful in watching out for pickpockets in Rome, but I never thought I would get scammed here,” he said.

The couple paid the bill but, unsure whether such a high charge was legal, they returned to the bar on Thursday morning with the police.




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