This Airplane Is Built to Eliminate Jet Lag

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This Airplane Is Built to Eliminate Jet Lag courtesy Qatar Airways

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus recently announced that their new A350 XWB jets, which can seat 325 lucky fliers, will criss cross timezones without causing jetlag.

As reported by Fast Company, Airbus has designed the A350 — which just had its first landing in the United States, via Qatar Airways — in a way that prevents passengers from experiencing the ache that comes from shifting time zones. How is that possible? Well, the thoughtful engineers built the aircraft with LED lights that change color temperature based on the natural glow of the sun. The shifting light helps keep passengers’ circadian rhythms intact, so their bodies aren’t woozy when they arrive in a different region.

The manufacturer debuted the design in early 2015, but the first aircraft to land in the United States arrived courtesy of Qatar Airways last week.

Qatar Airways currently flies its fleet of A350s to Europe, the United States and Asia—journeys that traverse many time zones. To alleviate the physical toll and stress of screwing with a body's internal clock, the plane is fitted with LED lights that change their color temperature to mimic the sun's natural glow and are timed with natural circadian rhythms. To keep air from feeling stale, the plane's filtering system changes over the air in the plane every two to three minutes. The cabin is pressurized to 6,000 feet, which Airbus claims makes it more comfortable for passengers.


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