Work and travel: Stylist travels to cut hair

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Sushanth Shyamsundar, has mixed his passion for travel and his job

Travelling stylist from Chennai, India, Sushanth Shyamsundar, has mixed his passion for travel and his job. Not willing to be tied to a salon, the 26-year-old stylist travels to tourists places with his equipment.

But why? And with what purpose?

For Sushanth said it all started when he was in Georgia nine years ago.

This idea started when I met a travelling tattoo artist and atravelling portrait artist. I thought that it would be a great way to travel, see the world and pay for it, while meeting new people and
having some amazing adventures! The hair donation idea started when I realized that in India a lot of hair was going to waste, and being thrown away, whereas a lot of other countries already had donationprograms in place, so I thought I could use my styling project to spread awareness and help women donate their hair to a good cause. I started the Facebook page in September/October of 2014.

Which countries are on your map?

I have travelled all over India and the US, Mauritius, London and I`m planning to go to Sri Lanka really soon.

How people react? How much of them donate there hair already?

The response so far has been fantastic. Different people respond different ways, but I think that so far its been amazing. A lot of women think that its going to be a scary experience, to cut so much hair, but once they do it, they love it. So far, between 100-200 women have donated their hair!

Do you have some most amazing situation in this project that took your breathe away?
I styled someone's hair in a beautiful clearing in the mountains, and the scenery took my breath away. I've also styled someone's hair on a boat in the sea, absolutely stunning!

Can you give some travel advice to other travelers how to work and travel around?

I use Couchsurfing a lot, and I try and contact people wherever I may be going beforehand, and try to speak with locals wherever I go!I'd say that the most important thing abut working while travelling is to find work that you can do really well, and to do it with all your heart. Be spontaneous and open to new situations, and embrace any and all opportunities that may come your way.



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