Đồng Tháp hit by dengue fever

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Đồng Tháp hit by dengue fever Pixabay.com

More than 3,300 dengue fever cases have been reported since the beginning of the year in southern Đồng Tháp Province, Vietnam, a year-on-year increase of over 33 per cent, health authority said.

Two people have died, according to the provincial Preventive Medicine Centre.

From the last week of October till early November, 62 cases were recorded in the province, mostly in the districts of Thanh Bình, Cao Lãnh and Cao Lãnh City."This year is the incipient of the outbreak of dengue fever following the cycle of the disease over the previous 4-6 years. It is estimated that the situation will get more complicated in 2017,” said Dương Ân Hận, the centre’s deputy director.Abundant rainfall in the region has increased the mosquito population, resulting in a rising number of dengue cases and the risk of an outbreak, he said.

The health centre has told local health officials to step up epidemiology efforts in wards and communes and spray anti-mosquito chemicals at hot spots which are at high risk of an outbreak, Hận said.The centre has also advised the public to get rid of mosquitoes and larvae to prevent infection.

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