Dust storm chokes Beijing

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A dust storm is choking a large swathe of northern China including the capital, Beijing, in yet another air quality crisis to affect the country. 
Official air quality readings have soared well above the recommended World Health Organization (WHO) limit.
Authorities are advising residents to avoid outdoor activity and for children and elderly people to remain indoors, according to BBC. 
The dust is blowing in from neighbouring Mongolia and China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Sandstorm a Problem for Beijing


Almost every spring, Beijing, along with North China in general, suffers from sandstorms, when strong wind blows dust all over the city and the region.

The dust comes from the deserts in West China and the Mongolian steppes north of China. Continued erosion and loss of grass-covered topsoil has led to the deterioration of the problem. In the spring of 2006, seventeen sandstorms struck China, according to All China visitors. 

China is a large country, roughly the same in size as the United States. Deserts, however, account for about one-third of China’s national territory.




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