Chernobyl hostel was opened in Chernobyl Zone - Are you brave enough?

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Pripyat, Ukraine Pripyat, Ukraine


On 7th of June 2017 in Chernobyl was opened new Chernobyl Hostel Polissya in order to improve quality of accommodation for foreign tourists in Chernobyl Zone.

Once home to 50,000 people, the town of Pripyat was evacuated after an accident at the Chernobyl power station created a massive explosion, releasing large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere that spread over western USSR and Europe on April 6, 1986. The building is located approximately 15 kilometers from the famous Chernobyl nuclear power station.

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was an event that shook the world and after nearly 30 years, the town of Pripyat in Ukraine remains a nuclear wasteland.


 Chernobyl Hostel Polissya is designed for 100 beds for short-term accommodation in Chernobyl Zone.

International tourists have all conditions for comfortable living: plasma TV, shower, toilet, furniture in each single or double room, free Wi-Fi Internet.

Organizers of Chernobyl Hostel Polissya

State Specialized Enterprise "Chernobyl Spezkombinat".
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine







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