Dullest airline meal ever?

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The picture was posted to social media site Reddit by user Musterknabe and it was simply captioned: ‘I booked my flight online and chose the "Vegetarian Oriental" meal. This is what I got.’ Musterknabe explained that the airline that served it was Greek carrier Aegean and the ‘oriental part was the Chinese celery’.


He said: ‘I am not a vegetarian. I just prefer good meat. I have to know where it comes from. How the animals were treated. What they got to eat. That's it. When I don't know it, I order a vegetarian dish.’ He added: ‘I didn’t complain about this yummy dish, but then I realised that all passengers who ordered a not-vegetarian meal got an extra cookie for dessert. I demanded a cookie and got one!’

Hundreds of comments have been posted about the image from shocked users of the site.



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